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My name is Vladimir

I work in Montenegro and remotely around the world

More than 20 years of practice in the field of European design and architecture.

Delivery of materials directly from Italian factories.

A team of professional craftsmen is always ready to work to implement my projects in Montenegro.

Extensive experience in remote work and supervision.

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I live in Montenegro, in the city of Podgorica.

For more than 20 years I have been designing premium interiors and developing conceptual architectural projects for private villas.​

In my professional beliefs and lifestyle, I am a minimalist and functionalist. With each new project, I strive for even greater conciseness and ergonomics for my customers. Therefore, I ask you to pay attention to the style of my works. In my works I pay great attention to modern aesthetic and ergonomic parameters of the interior.


Based on many years of experience and analysis of trends in European architecture and design, I try to create competent, compositionally organized spaces without unnecessary details and decorations. Creating a simple, understandable and comfortable interior is much more difficult than striking with extravagance in the abundance of designs and decorations - these are my basic principles work.


I work in Montenegro and remotely and am ready to arrive anywhere to meet, take measurements and discuss the project.


Together with my Italian partner Serena Group, we organize direct deliveries of materials and items from Italian factories with big discounts for our customers. We guarantee for our customers 100% Italian quality and protection against counterfeiting. You can also choose from Montenegrin showrooms selling materials and all interior components and Ikea in Belgrade.


I work with any budget restrictions. Drawing up and calculating specifications. Optimization of financial costs.


I also have extensive experience in remote work and supervision.

Distance is not an obstacle to quality results. Modern means of communication make it possible to do this as if we were nearby.


Choosing your designer is a very responsible process. It is necessary that you and I be on the same wavelength; our principles, lifestyle and views are close.

and more about me...

Please look at the links below to make your final decision.


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Sample drawings

I can complete projects in English and Serbian with measurements in mm, inches and feet.

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